Denver South Seventh-day Adventist Church

Denver South SDA Church


Surrender. Share. Serve

Goal: Worship

From the beginning of the Christ-movement, the center of all that we as Christ’s followers has been worship. To put it simply, worship is the recognition that God is active and moving towards the betterment of the world and us, his beloved. As we see how God moves and acts in great love our response is to simply marvel in the good things. To worship. And that worship can take on many forms.


Worshipping God through, surrendering to Christ, sharing the gospel, and serving our neighbors.

01. Surrender

Giving our lives over to something greater and letting go of the things holding us back. Surrendering to Christ is living in agreement with The Spirit. We believe the world and people are as God says they are despite what we see. We trust God and surrender to Truth, to Life, and to the Way.

02. Share

Everything is a gift. We have been given good things that have been healing and have transformed the way we see and live in the world and as with all good things we want to pass them along to others.

03. Serve

We serve not because we are obligated or because we have to earn something, but we serve our neighbors because that is who God made us to be, joyful servants of others.


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Mid-week prayer and study




We are a spirit-filled church fully reflecting Christ’s love.


Join the Mission

We are always looking to partner with people who have ideas about doing good for others. We want to offer opportunities for people to have real experiences with Christ and be able to surrender to him. We want to give a voice and platform to those who want to share the goodness of the Gospel. And we want to find more effective ways to serve our neighbors.

If you want to join what we are doing or if you have a great idea let us know and let’s get moving forward!


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