A Church Committed to Worship

Our community has recently drafted a mission statement so that we can begin focusing on what is important to us and those around our church.

Mission Statement: We are a church that worships God through, surrendering to Christ, sharing the gospel, and serving our neighbors.


From the beginning of the Christ-movement, the center of all that we as Christ’s followers has been worship. To put it simply, worship is the recognition that God is active and moving towards the betterment of the world and us, his beloved. As we see how God moves and acts in great love our response is to simply marvel in the good things. To worship. And that worship can take on many forms.


Our first act of worship as a Christ-community is to recognize and see God for who God is. This then sets the stage for who we are. God is good, magnificent, beautiful, wholeness, perfection, peace, truth, light, and love itself.

Upon seeing this, we can let go of trying to make it by ourselves and on our own. We can lay down trying to earn respect, earn love, and we can stop trying to become something we weren’t meant to become. We can let go of our pride and selfishness and give into to the mercy and grace and acceptance and generosity that comes with the Spirit of Christ.

Surrendering to Christ is about stepping into the fullness, the whole-ness, the bigger picture, the great plan that God has opened up for you and for me.


After we have walked into this new way of living, this new life full of joy, peace, reconciliation, and healing, there is a natural response to invite others into the new life. Gospel is an old word that is used in churches that means “good news.” The experience they have had with Christ is transformative and liberating and it’s great news.

Sharing the gospel is what happens when a life is so full of the Spirit that it overflows. Just like if you were to turn the faucet on to fill up a cup and never turn it off; it flows out to our close friends and family and then keeps going. In its wake it brings freedom, peace, and grace.


The clearest request that Jesus asks of his friends is that they become servants. In many parables and sermons Jesus tells his disciples that this is the marker for his people. In one story Jesus says that if you give clothes to those who need them, feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and visit those in prison that you are actually doing those things to Christ himself.

We are Christ’s friends, so we will serve our neighbors.

Surrender. Share. Serve.


We are always looking to partner with people who have ideas about doing good for others. We want to offer opportunities for people to have real experiences with Christ and be able to surrender to him. We want to give a voice and platform to those who want to share the goodness of the Gospel. And we want to find more effective ways to serve our neighbors.

I have always lived by the phrase, if it’s not illegal, immoral, or unethical, then why not try it as a good truth towards doing good in the world. If you have an idea we would love to do what we can to help get it going.

Call us, email us, or come in during office hours and let’s move forward together.



Office hours: Mon-Thursday: 10am-3pm