Online Giving

Make Your Donations From Anywhere You Have Internet Access

By Jim Jensen

If you're like me, just about the only check you write each month is to the church. You can now use Adventist Online Giving to make your donations! For security reasons Adventist Online Giving is located on a separate web site:

Adventist Online Giving is made possible because of the North American Division seeing a need, and creating a solution. The Division is absorbing ALL the costs, so every penny you donate through online giving will go to what you designate. There are NO charges whatsoever. This is a tremendous blessing because if we as a single church tried to do this, the bank would take anywhere from 2-5%, maybe even more, of all donations as a fee!

Because of the arrangements with the credit card processing company only donations can be accepted online. We can NOT process money for sermon tapes, devotional books, fruit purchases, or registration fees for Pathfinders, Adventurers or seminars such as CHIP or Depression Recovery. There is a second page of the envelope with more local church offerings for your convenience.

All funds are deposited into the church checking account and are processed the same way your tithe envelope in the offering plate is. You may make donations with any credit or debit/ATM card that includes either the VISA or Mastercard logos —so you can get those extra miles to go on vacation later this year! Look on the first page of Online Giving for the demonstration video, you can watch and then test it out! Even if you only contribute a few dollars this first time, try it out and see how you like it!

When you get to the Online Giving page, you will need to set up a unique username and password. I will not be able to help you with that username and password should you lose it, and for security's sake, your password must include some strange symbols —be sure to read the directions carefully. Once you set up your profile, you will have to go to your email and login from the email they send you before you are confirmed. Each time you donate you will get a pdf file sent to the email account you registered with when you signed up. The yearly donation record will still come each January from the church treasurer and will include both online giving and cash or checks from the offering plate.

If you need further information or assistance please contact the church treasurer, and thank you for supporting the ministries of Denver South.